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We Are Murt

McMurtry College is home to the Murts, a diverse collection of students coming from all walks of life. Whether you are a musi, archi, engineer or academ, there’s a place for you within the walls of McMurtry. Murts are a tight-knit family who can often to be seen eating, playing, studying and dodging ceiling tiles together. Fierce in spirit and amazing in everything else, being a Murt is not just a transient college title but a way of life.

We rally to the call of the conch, and despite being the second youngest college, have a thriving culture revolving around our Scottish heritage, love of bananas, and general awesomeness.


Welcome to McMurtry

Welcome to the new McMurtry site! We hope you enjoy the redesign and added features. Feel free to email us if you have any suggestions or feedback. Thank you.

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