McMurtry College

The McMurtry Innovation Space is an interdisciplinary design space open to all Rice students. The mission of the space is to support the projects of individuals and groups on campus. All students or faculty who complete the safety quiz gain swipe access to the space. In the space we have, Hand tools, Art supplies, Sewing supplies, Electronic prototyping supplies, Computers, Projector, 3D printers, and more! Some of the equipment is locked and you must visit during a time when a member of our team can assist you. Please see the calendar and team descriptions below for more information.

To gain swipe access to the MIS, first read the following safety guidelines. Then take the safety quiz, which is provided in the guidelines.

The MIS is located in Room 107 of McMurtry College, between B stairwell and the computer lab. Email us at for more information on what we have in the space, room reservations, or any questions.


Monday 8 AM - Midnight
Tuesday 8 AM - Midnight
Wednesday 8 AM - Midnight
Thursday 8 AM - Midnight
Friday 8 AM - 10 PM
Saturday 8 AM - 10 PM
Sunday 8 AM - Midnight

MIS Team Hours

MIS Directory

Get information on equipment here!

Student Personnel

Name Major College Year Email Ask me about:
Kelsi Wicker Mechanical Engineering McMurtry 2018 Sewing, Solidworks, Electronic Prototyping, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, Power Tools, Hand Tools, 3D Printer
Sarah Lumelsky Architecture McMurtry 2018 Rhino, Adobe Suite, Painting, AutoCAD, Hand Tools, Power Tools, 3D Printer
Ilya Rakhlin Architecture McMurtry 2018 3D Printer, Rhino, Adobe Suite, Sewing, Painting, AutoCAD, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Inventor
Clayton Little Mechanical Engineering Baker 2019 Hand Tools, Power Tools, Electronic Prototyping
Vidya Giri Chemical Engineering McMurtry 2018 Adobe Suite, Painting, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Projector, Vinyl, Calligraphy
Donaldo Almazan Chemical Engineering Brown 2018 Adobe Suite, Painting, AutoCAD, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Sewing, Electronic Prototyping, Projector, Calligraphy
Rohit Kavukuntla Biochemistry McMurtry 2018 3D Printing, Projector, Adobe Suite, Solidworks, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Inventor, AutoCAD, Electronic Prototyping
Isaac Phillips Mechanical Engineering McMurtry 2017 Solidworks, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Adobe Suite, Painting, 3D Printing, Calligraphy