McMurtry College

McMurtry has the following rooms available for reservation:

Category 1:

Our online reservation system (directions below) allows you to book rooms under Category 1 up to 3 weeks in advance.

When booking for the first time: Please set up and confirm your account using this link. A confirmation of your registration will be sent to your email and will take approximately one minute to complete. Please select the 'Remember Me' option when entering your login information. Once registering, double click on the calendar located below, log in, and create your reservation.

For every subsequent booking: Use the calendar located below to make your reservation. You will automatically be logged in as a registered user. Bookings can be viewed and cancelled through your account after making your first reservation. We ask that you provide a title and brief description for the purpose of your reservation as well as contact information. Note: Failure to include this information may result in the cancellation of your reservation.

Category 2:

When booking rooms under Category 2, recurring reservations, and reservations more than 3 weeks in advance: Please send details of these requests to the McMurtry College secretaries at as these require McMurtry Leadership approval. These requests may take more time to complete so we ask for your patience while waiting for confirmation.

Again, thank you for choosing McMurtry College as your meeting destination and if you have questions/concerns regarding the reservation system, email