McMurtry College

Name Major Year
Abigail Shulman Cognitive Sciences + Religious Studies Junior
Alyssa Alvis Psychology + Biochemistry Sophomore
Amina Williams Cognitive Sciences + Global Health Technologies (minor) Junior
Anagha Srirangam Kinesiology (Sports Medicine) Junior
Aziza Salako Statistics + Global Health Technologies (minor) Junior
Billy Guo Computer Science + Mathematical Economic Analysis Junior
Brianna Singh Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Senior
Bryce Miller Psychology + Political Science Sophomore
Caroline Siegfried English Sophomore
Colin Howman Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Junior
Davis Nelson Bioengineering + Financial Computation and Modeling Sophomore
Esther Tang Architecture + Environmental Studies (minor) Junior
Grant Lu Bioengineering Sophomore
Hiren Patel Kinesiology Junior
Jake Bhoi Cognitive Sciences + Biochemistry and Cell Biology (minor) + Neuroscience (minor) Sophomore
Jane Clinger Psychology Sophomore
Jannie Matar Biochemistry and Cell Biology + Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Sophomore
Jasmine Lin Sociology + Anthropology Senior
Johnathon Berry Mechanical Engineering Sophomore
Katie Webber Economics + Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies + Poverty, Justice, Human Capabilities (minor) Junior
Kelsi Wicker Mechanical Engineering + Engineering Design (minor) Senior
Kevin Mullin Computer Science + Computational and Applied Math (minor) Senior
Laney Baker Civil and Environmental Engineering + Political Science + Sustainability (minor) Sophomore
Laura Nicholson Ecology and Evolutionary Biology + Environmental Studies (minor) Senior
Lauren Loh Mathematical Economic Analysis + Business (minor) Sophomore
Lenna Mendoza English Senior
Lizzie Bjork History + English + Politics, Law, Social Thought (minor) Sophomore
Lupita Galvan Tinoco Cognitive Sciences + Biochemistry and Cell Biology (minor) Sophomore
Mahesh Krishna Biochemistry and Cell Biology + Policy Studies Sophomore
Maishara Muquith Biochemistry and Cell Biology + Policy Studies + Sociology (minor) Sophomore
Matthew Carey Cognitive Sciences + Political Science Sophomore
Meghana Chilukuri Computer Sciences + Mathematics Junior
Miranda Lee History Sophomore
Miranda Morris Policy Studies (Health Care Management) + Visual and Dramatic Arts (Studio Art) Sophomore
Monika Jain Kinesiology + Medical Humanities (minor) Senior
Nadia Ansari Biological Sciences + Global Health Technologies (minor) Senior
Naimah Sarwar Cognitive Sciences Junior
Pamela Ekechukwu Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Junior
Paraksh Vankawala Mechanical Engineering Sophomore
Pedro Alvarez Economics + Managerial Studies + Politics, Law, Social Thought (minor) Senior
Rebecca Topper English Sophomore
Rishu Harpavat Computer Science Junior
Rolando Marquez Bioengineering Sophomore
Saad Yousaf Mechanical Engineering + Asian Studies + Engineering Design (minor) Junior
Sachi Paul Cognitive Science; Poverty, Justice, Human Capabilities (minor) Sophomore
Selase Buatsi Philosophy + Managerial Studies + Business (minor) Sophomore
Zachary Verne Visual and Dramatic Arts (Theatre) + Environmental Science Sophomore
Zulfa Quadri Cognitive Sciences (Neuroscience) Senior