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Rice Health Advisors

RHAs are students who have been trained on a variety of wellbeing topics. These students work at their college to provide health education opportunities, health supplies and peer guidance. RHAs also act as a liaison between the Student Wellbeing Office and the residential colleges, staying up to date on campus-wide wellbeing programming.

Click to view the RHAs' bios!

Head RHAs

Karen Martinez Perez (she/her/hers)

Phone: (936) 439-3319


Bio: Hi, I'm one of the head RHAs at McMurtry this year! I love grabbing boba, going shopping, hugs, watching Studio Ghibli movies, and learning/practicing languages. Feel free to reach out about managing anxiety, imposter syndrome, relationships (romantic/platonic), confidence/self-esteem, burnout, and feeling lonely or homesick.

Sophia Peng (she/her/hers)

Phone: (508) 808-2677


Bio: Hi, I'm one of the head RHAs at McMurtry this year! I love writing poetry, reading, medical humanities, and thrift shopping. Feel free to reach out about social anxiety, loneliness, imposter syndrome, time management, insomnia, body image/body dysmorphia, or how to seek health resources!


Brandon Zimmer (he/him/his)

Phone: (469) 601-2401


Bio: I love playing soccer and volleyball in my spare time. I also enjoy reading and watching the newest shows on Netflix. Feel free to reach out about any topics really, but I would say mental health especially!

Kate Hilton (she/her/hers)

Phone: (513) 954-6700


Bio: I love museums, long walks, listening to music, and exploring new places. Feel free to reach out about depression, self-love, relationships, academic pressure, etc!

Zoe Wang (she/her/hers)

Phone: (936) 520-4832


Bio: Hello!! I love biking, finding local aesthetic matcha + coffee shops, planning picnics with friends, and recently, playing pickle ball. Feel free to reach out about mental health and wellbeing, ALLY, stress relief, suicide prevention, body acceptance, etc!

Manshi Patel (she/her/hers)

Phone: (615) 724-8243


Bio: I love watching Criminal Minds and bullet journaling! Feel free to reach out about imposter syndrome, mental health, or relationships!

Annika Nambiar (she/her/hers)

Phone: (650) 730-6539


Bio: I love reading, playing volleyball, and boardgames. Feel free to reach out about imposter syndrome, stress, relationships, and anything else!

Ahalya Lettenberger (she/her/hers)

Phone: (630) 956-4608


Bio: I am on the swim team at Rice, and in my free time I love to do anything outdoors, golf, cook, and play board games with friends. Feel free to reach out about any physical or mental health questions!

Nathan Nguyen (he/him/his)

Phone: (832) 904-4499


Bio: I like sports (running, beer bike, tennis), short cat naps, and watching documentaries at 2x speed. Feel free to reach out about relationships, dealing with loneliness, stress, etc!