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Margaret Beier and Chris Stickney

We are Margaret Beier and Chris Stickney, the Magisters of McMurtry College, and we are thrilled to welcome you to the community!

College Magisters are faculty members who live on campus with their families. We live right next to the college, across from the commons. We are here to foster the intellectual, cultural, and social life at the college and to support you during your years at McMurtry. We are excited to meet you and to nurture the kind, open, and stimulating culture at McMurtry. To do this, we will host events in our home, share meals with you in the commons, and help you navigate your life at the college. We hope that McMurtry will soon feel like your home away from home.

Margaret is a full professor in the Psychology Department. Her specialty is applied psychology, and she studies performance in educational and work settings. She has been at Rice for 13 years, and she loves mentoring the incredibly talented students she has met here. Chris is a high school math teacher at the High School for the Visual and Performing Arts (HSPVA) in Houston. He loves all sports and has been a high school basketball coach for the last 16 years. We are both from Minneapolis, Minnesota and love the color purple (Purple Rain and the Minnesota Vikings). We met in high school and were married in Minnesota but moved to Atlanta, Georgia shortly afterward for graduate school. We have two girls: Lucy, 15, and Liza, 13, who were born in Atlanta. Our kids love watching movies, reading books, creating art, and swimming. We also have our German Shepherds, Felix, who you will see walking Margaret around campus. We are all eager to welcome you to the college!

As new students, you are an important part of McMurtry. We will all work together to energize our community. Keep in mind, McMurtry is your college – the BEST residential college at Rice. We encourage you to have fun, ask questions, be safe, be active, and be creative. We will do our best to support your vision for McMurtry. We look forward to meeting every one of you!