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Expense Forms


  1. Take a picture of your receipts and fill out the McMurtry Expenditure Form, which asks a few basic questions about what your purchase was for. If your purchase was made with a PCard, you're done!
  2. Fill out the Petty Cash Voucher Form, following the template provided.
  3. Fill out the Business Meeting/Entertainment Expenses Form, following the template provided.
  4. Get Jackie or one of the treasurers to sign the forms.
  5. Submit the receipts and forms to the registrar.

Account Codes

  • If you bought ANY alcohol, you must use code: 70880
  • Otherwise, any other purchases are under: 70877

PCard Requests

  • Request to use either of the Treasurers' PCards by using the PCard Check-Out Form
  • You will be texted an access code, which can be used on the padlock right outside of the door on the 5D suite. Text (505)-412-1841 if you have any questions on where this padlock is located. Once you open the padlock, take ONE PCard and ONE Tax Exempt card from the padlock and re-close the padlock.
  • Once you complete your purchase using the PCard, make sure to complete the McMurtry Expenditure form below and KEEP YOUR RECEIPT.
  • Once the Mcmurtry Expenditure form is completed, complete the PCard Return Form to get another code to put the PCard, Tax Exempt card and the solid receipt back in the padlock. Lock the padlock back up and you're done!


Petty Cash Voucher

Petty Cash Voucher Template

Entertainment Expense Form

Entertainment Expense Form Template